Austronesian Basic Vocabulary Database

Austronesian Basic Vocabulary DatabaseThis is one of the largest freely available collections of vocabulary from over 500 Austronesian languages (i.e. around the Pacific region). This was built as part of my Masters research, in PHP and MySQL.

POLLEX-Online: The Polynesian Lexicon Project

POLLEX-OnlinePollex is a large-scale comparative dictionary of Polynesian languages.

Bantu Language Database

Bantu Language DatabaseA database of Bantu basic vocabulary, based on extended and reused code from my Austronesian project.

Guru Meditation

Guru MeditationAn homage to the infamous "guru meditation" system error on the Amiga 500s. Recreated lovingly in pure XHTML1.0, CSS1, and a sprinkle of javascript.

Henry - the Human Evolution News RelaY.


My blog with an overly cute acronym where I cover things related to human evolution. In particular, I focus on stuff that’s related to my Ph.D. ("The Evolution of Language and Culture in the Pacific"). This includes language and culture evolution, linguistics, phylogenetics, human prehistory, culture history with a Pacific focus.



Mnemosyne is a personal information wiki system I built.

Written in Python and Django, and released under the BSD Licence. It's kind of stagnant at the moment.



Last year I spent a few weeks obsessed with sudoku, and ended up writing a small program to solve the damn things for me. After I finished that, I was never tempted again.

The source code (PHP) is available under the BSD Licence. I hope it can cure someone else!