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2024Investigating environmental effects on phonology using diachronic modelsBantuFrederik Hartmann et al. macroevolutionary
2023Testing Inferences about Language Contact on Morphosyntax: A Typological Case Study on Alorese-Adang ContactAustronesianKaius Sinnemäki and Noora Aholaasr
2023The time and place of origin of South Caucasian languages: insights into past human societies, ecosystems and human population geneticsKartvelianAlexander Gavashelishvili et al. phylogenetic
2023A phylolinguistic classification of the Quechua language familyQuechuaFrederic Blum et al. phylogenetic
2023Phylogenetic evidence reveals early Kra-Dai divergence and dispersal in the late HoloceneKra-DaiYuxin Tao et al. phylogenetic dating phylogeography delta qresidual
2023Word order evolves at similar rates in main and subordinate clausesIndo-EuropeanYingqi Jing et al. trait
2023A recent northern origin for the Uto-Aztecan familyUto-Aztecan, Kiowa-TanoanSimon J. Greenhill et al. phylogenetic dating phylogenetic trait asr
2023Métodos numéricos de la bioinformática aplicados al estudio diacrónico de las lenguas chibchasChibchanDavid Jiménez et al. phylogenetic
2023Evolution and Spread of Politeness Systems in Indo-EuropeanIndo-EuropeanMichael Dunn and Kate Bellamytrait
2023Cladística e Historia de la Lengua Alemana: introducción al uso de PAUPIndo-EuropeanJavier Muñoz-Acebesphylogenetic
2023Short vs Long Stem Alternations in Romance Verbal Inflection: The S-MorphomeIndo-EuropeanBorja Herce and Chundra A. Cathcarttrait
2023Valence-dependent mutation in lexical evolutionJoshua Conrad Jackson et al.
2023Grambank reveals the importance of genealogical constraints on linguistic diversity and highlights the impact of language lossglobalHedvig Skirgård et al. trait
2023Societies of strangers do not speak grammatically simpler languagesglobalOlena Shcherbakova et al. trait
2023Phylogenetic analyses for the origin of sortal classifiers in Mongolic, Tungusic, and Turkic languagesMongolic, Tungusic, TurkicMarc Allassonnière-Tang et al. d-statistic
2023Subgrouping in a 'dialect continuum': A Bayesian phylogenetic analysis of the Mixtecan language familyMixtecanSandra Auderset et al. phylogenetic dating delta qresidual
2023Language trees with sampled ancestors support a hybrid model for the origin of Indo-European languagesIndo-EuropeanPaul Heggarty et al. phylogenetic dating
2023Lexical phylogenetics of the Tupí-Guaraní family: Language, archaeology, and the problem of chronologySouth AmericaFabrício Ferraz Gerardi et al. phylogenetic dating tiger delta qresidual phylogeography
2023Phylogenetic insight into the origin of tonesSino-TibetanBaihui Wu et al. trait
2023Kinbank: A global database of kinship terminologyglobalSam Passmore et al. trait
2023The evolution of lexical semantics dynamics, directionality, and driftIndo-European, Kartvelian, Northwest Caucasian, Dagestanian, Uralic, Turkic, SemiticGerd Carling et al. trait
2023Language Phylogenies: Modelling the evolution of language.Simon J. Greenhillreview
2022A phylogenetic classification of Luyia language varietiesBantuMichael R. Marlo et al. phylogenetic
2022Detecting contact in language trees: a Bayesian phylogenetic model with horizontal transferglobalNico Neureiter et al. methodological
2022The dialect chain of the Timor-Alor-Pantar language familyTimor-Alor-PantarGereon A. Kaiping and Marian Klamerphylogenetic dating delta qresidual
2022Areal pressure in grammatical evolutionIndo-EuropeanChundra A. Cathcart et al. asr trait phylogenetic phylogeography
2022Reconstructing the origins of language families and variationglobalGerd Carling et al. review
2022Divergence and contact in Southern Bantu language and population history: A new phylogeny in cross-disciplinary perspectiveBantuHilde Gunnink et al. phylogenetic trait
2022Untangling the evolution of body-part terminology in Pano: conservative versus innovative traits in body-part lexicalizationPanoRoberto Zariquiey et al. trait
2022Phylogeny of the Turkic Languages Inferred from Basic Vocabulary: Limitations of the Lexicostatistical Methods in an Intensive Contact SituationTurkicIlya M. Egorov et al. phylogenetic dating
2022Managing Historical Linguistic Data for Computational Phylogenetics and Computer-Assisted Language ComparisonTiago Tresoldi et al. tutorial
2022Correcting a bias in {TIGER} rates resulting from high amounts of invariant and singleton cognate setsglobalJohann-Mattis Listtiger methodological
2022Modelling admixture across language levels to evaluate deep history claimsTungusic, Mongolian, Japonic, Koreanic, TurkicNataliia Hübler and Simon J. Greenhillstructure
2022Uralic typology in the light of a new comprehensive datasetUralicMiina Norvik et al. structure
2022Toward an evolutionary framework for language variation and changeglobalEmmanuel D. Ladoukakis et al. review
2022Phylogenetic trees: Grammar versus vocabularyglobalVladimir N. Polyakov et al. phylogenetic
2022Phylogenetic signal and rate of evolutionary change in language structuresTungusic, Mongolian, Japonic, Koreanic, TurkicNataliia Hüblertrait d-statistic
2022A global analysis of matches and mismatches between human genetic and linguistic historiesglobalChiara Barbieri et al. macroevolutionary
2022Challenges of sampling and how phylogenetic comparative methods help: with a case study of the Pama-Nyungan laminal contrastPama-NyunganJayden L. Macklin-Cordes and Erich R. Roundtrait tutorial d-statistic
2022A quantitative global test of the complexity trade-off hypothesis: the case of nominal and verbal grammatical markingglobalOlena Shcherbakova et al. trait
2022Evolution and Trade-Off Dynamics of Functional LoadPama-NyunganErich R. Round et al. trait
2022Bayesian phylogenetics illuminate shallower relationships among Trans-Himalayan languages in the Tibet-Arunachal areaSino-TibetanMei-Shin Wu et al. phylogenetic dating
2022A typology of northwestern Bantu gender systemsBantuFrancesca Di Garbo and Annemarie Verkerkasr d-statistic trait
2022Phylogeographic analysis of the Bantu language expansion supports a rainforest routeBantuEzequiel Koile et al. phylogenetic dating phylogeography
2021Crouching TIGER, hidden structure: Exploring the nature of linguistic data using TIGER valuesUralicKaj Syrjänen et al. methodological tiger qresidual delta
2021Historical, archaeological and linguistic evidence test the phylogenetic inference of Viking-Age plant useIndo-EuropeanIrene Teixidor-Toneu et al. trait
2021Investigating diachronic trends in phonological inventories using {BDPROTO}globalSteven Moran et al. asr trait
2021A Bayesian approach to the classification of Tungusic languagesTungusicSofia Oskolskaya et al. phylogenetic dating
2021Bayesian phylogenetic analysis of linguistic data using BEAST.Konstantin Hoffmann et al. tutorial
2021Reconstructing the evolution of Indo-European grammarIndo-EuropeanGerd Carling and Chundra A. Cathcartasr
2021A phylogenetic analysis of dispersal norms, descent and subsistence in Sino-TibetansSino-TibetanTing Ji et al. trait
2021Environmental factors affect the evolution of linguistic subgroups in BorneoAustronesianAlexander D. Smith and Taraka Ramaphylogenetic phylogeography delta qresidual
2021Phylogenetic TypologyGerhard Jäger and Johannes Wahle
2021Kinship terminologies reveal ancient contact zone in the Hindu KushHindu KushHenrik Liljegrenphylogenetic
2021At the boundaries of syntactic prehistoryIndo-European, Uralic, Basque, Altaic, Turkic, Mongolic, Tungusic, Koreanic, JaponicAndrea Ceolin et al. phylogenetic
2021The uses and abuses of tree thinking in cultural evolutionCara L. Evans et al. review tutorial methodological
2021Can Bayesian phylogeography reconstruct migrations and expansions in linguistic evolution?globalNico Neureiter et al. phylogeography methodological
2021The Tupí-Guaraní language familyTupi-GuaraniFabrício Ferraz Gerardi and Stanislav Reichertphylogenetic delta qresidual
2021Evolutionary dynamics of Indo-European alignment patternsIndo-EuropeanGerd Carling and Chundra A. Cathcarttrait
2021Exploring correlations in genetic and cultural variation across language families in northeast AsiaAsiaHiromi Matsumae et al. phylogenetic
2021The Evolutionary Dynamics of Negative Existentials in Indo-EuropeanIndo-EuropeanShahar Shirtz et al. trait
2021Phylogenetic signal in phonotacticsPama-NyunganJayden L. Macklin-Cordes et al. trait
2021Triangulation supports agricultural spread of the Transeurasian languagesTranseurasian, Turkic, Mongolic, Tungusic, Koreanic, JaponicMartine Robbeets et al. phylogenetic phylogeography dating
2021Rapid radiation of the inner Indo-European languages: an advanced approach to Indo-European lexicostatisticsIndo-EuropeanAlexei S. Kassian et al. phylogenetic
2020Best practices in justifying calibrations for dating language familiesUralicLuke Maurits et al. methodological
2020Indo-European phylogenetics with RIndo-EuropeanDavid Goldsteintutorial
2020Phylogenetic linguistic evidence and the Dene-Yeniseian homelandDene-YeniseianIgor Yanovichcriticism methodological
2020A test of Generalized Bayesian dating: A new linguistic dating methodTaraka Rama and Søren Wichmann
2020Bayesian phylolinguistics infers the internal structure and the time-depth of the Turkic language familyTurkicAlexander Savelyev and Martine Robbeetsphylogenetic dating
2020Evolutionary dynamics in the dispersal of sign languagesSign LanguagesJustin M. Power et al. phylogenetic
2020A bird's-eye view on South Asian languages through {LSI}IndiaLars Borin et al. phylogenetic
2020Pama–Nyungan grandparent systems change with grandchildren, but not cross-cousin terms or social normsPama-NyunganCatherine Sheard et al. trait
2020Numeral classifiers and number marking in Indo-IranianIndo-EuropeanChundra A. Cathcart et al. trait
2020Reconstruction and analysis of phylogenetic network on Tibeto-Burman languages in ChinaSino-TibetanTianjun Gaophylogenetic delta
2020Kalunga in the Lusophone Context: A Phylogenetic StudyCreole languagesAna Paulla Braga Mattos and Márcia Santos Duarte Oliveiraphylogenetic
2020Bayesian PhylolinguisticsSimon J. Greenhill et al. review
2020Formal Syntax and Deep HistoryIndo-European, OthersAndrea Ceolin et al. phylogenetic delta qresidual
2020Dated phylogeny suggests early Neolithic origin of Sino-Tibetan languagesSino-TibetanHanzhi Zhang et al. phylogenetic dating
2019Untangling the West-Coastal Bantu mess: identification, geography and phylogeny of the Bantu B50-80 languagesBantuSara Pacchiarotti et al. phylogenetic
2019Environmental conditions do not predict diversification rates in the Bantu languagesBantuRobert Beyer et al. macroevolutionary
2019Computational historical linguisticsglobalGerhard Jägerreview
2019An Automated Framework for Fast Cognate Detection and Bayesian Phylogenetic Inference in Computational Historical LinguisticsglobalTaraka Rama and Johann-Mattis Listmethodological
2019Influence of the tree prior and sampling scale on Bayesian phylogenetic estimates of the origin times of language familiesglobalAndrew M. Ritchie and Simon Y. W. Homethodological phylogenetic dating
2019Detecting non-tree-like signal using multiple tree topologiesAustronesian, Indo-European, Sinitic, JaponicAnnemarie Verkerkmacroevolutionary
2019Revising the Bantu TreeBantuPeter M. Whiteley et al. phylogenetic
2019Phylogenetic evidence for Sino-Tibetan origin in northern China in the Late NeolithicSino-TibetanMenghan Zhang et al. phylogenetic dating
2019Dated language phylogenies shed light on the ancestry of Sino-TibetanSino-TibetanLaurent Sagart et al. phylogenetic dating
2019Human sound systems are shaped by post-Neolithic changes in bite configurationIndo-EuropeanDamián E. Blasi et al. trait
2018Typological variation across Mandarin dialects: An areal perspective with a quantitative approachSiniticPui Yiu Szeto et al. phylogenetic
2018Making genealogical language classifications available for phylogenetic analysisDan Dediu
2018Global-scale phylogenetic linguistic inference from lexical resourcesglobalGerhard Jägerphylogenetic
2018The origin and expansion of Pama–Nyungan languages across AustraliaPama-NyunganRemco Bouckaert et al. phylogenetic dating phylogeography
2018Computational PhylogeneticsClaire Bowernreview
2018Are Automatic Methods for Cognate Detection Good Enough for Phylogenetic Reconstruction in Historical Linguistics?globalTaraka Rama et al. methodological
2018Post-marital residence patterns show lineage-specific evolutionglobalJiří C. Moravec et al. trait
2018The deep history of the number wordsAustronesian, Bantu, Indo-EuropeanMark Pagel and Andrew Meadetrait
2018Phylogeny in Phonology: How Tai Sound Systems Encode Their PastKra-DaiRikker Dockumphylogenetic delta qresidual d-statistic
2018Towards identifying the optimal datasize for lexically-based Bayesian inference of linguistic phylogeniesGlobalTaraka Rama and Søren Wichmannmethodological
2018Bayesian phylolinguistics reveals the internal structure of the Transeurasian familyTranseurasian, Turkic, Mongolic, Tungusic, Koreanic, JaponicMartine Robbeets and Remco Bouckaertphylogenetic dating
2018The evolution of language families is shaped by the environment beyond neutral driftglobalChristian Bentz et al. macroevolutionary
2018The Limits and Potentials of Cladistics in SemiticSemiticPetr Zemánekphylogenetic
2018Three tree priors and five datasets: A study of Indo-European phylogeneticsIndo-EuropeanTaraka Ramamethodological phylogenetic
2018A Bayesian phylogenetic study of the Dravidian language familyDravidianVishnupriya Kolipakam et al. phylogenetic dating delta qresidual
2018Modeling linguistic evolution: a look under the hoodglobalChundra A. Cathcartreview
2018A New Method for Computational Cladistics: An Afro-Asiatic Case StudyAfro-AsiaticHezekiah Akiva Bacovcin and David Wilsonphylogenetic
2017Dutch creoles compared with their lexifierCreolesPeter Bakkerphylogenetic
2017From basic to cultural semanticsCreolesCarsten Levisenreview
2017West African languages and creoles worldwideCreolesAymeric Daval-Markussen et al. phylogenetic
2017The typology and classification of French-based creoles: A global perspective.CreolesAymeric Daval-Markussenphylogenetic
2017Phylogenetics in biology and linguisticsglobal, CreolesFinn Borchsenius et al. review
2017Tongues on the EDGE: language preservation priorities based on threat and lexical distinctivenessAustronesianNicolas Perrault et al. macroevolutionary
2017The _Indo-European controversy_ and Bayesian phylogenetic methodsIndo-European, AustraliaClaire Bowernreview
2017{BEASTling}: A software tool for linguistic phylogenetics using {BEAST} 2Luke Maurits et al.
2017Lateral transfer in Stochastic Dollo modelsAustronesianLuke J. Kelly and Geoff K. Nichollsphylogenetic methodological
2017The semantics of Englishes and Creoles: Pacific and Australian perspectivesCreolesCarsten Levisen et al. phylogenetic
2017Linguistics and evolutionary biology continue to cross-fertilize each other and may do so even more in the future, including in the field of creolisticsCreolesFinn Borchseniusreview
2017Linguistic homoplasy and phylogeny reconstruction. The cases of Lezgian and Tsezic languages (North Caucasus)Lezgian, TsezicAlexei S. Kassianphylogenetic
2017Lexicalization patterns in core vocabulary: A cross-creole study of semantic moleculesCarsten Levisen and Karime Aragónphylogenetic
2017Afro-Hispanic varieties in comparison: New light from phylogenyCreolesDanae Perez et al. phylogenetic
2017New Evidence from Linguistic Phylogenetics Identifies Limits to Punctuational ChangeglobalEric W. Holman and Søren Wichmannmacroevolutionary
2017Evolutionary dynamics of language systemsAustronesianSimon J. Greenhill et al. macroevolutionary delta qresidual
2017Insights From Evolutionary Anthropology on the (Pre)history of the Nuclear FamilyIndo-EuropeanLaura Fortunatoreview
2017Cognitive creolistics and semantic primes: A phylogenetic network analysisCreolesCarsten Levisen and Kristoffer Friis Bøeghphylogenetic
2017The simple emerging from the complex: Nominal number in Juba Arabic creole.CreolesYonatan Goldshteinphylogenetic
2017Dative sickness: A phylogenetic analysis of argument structure evolution in GermanicIndo-EuropeanMichael Dunn et al. trait
2017Creole typology II: Typological features of creoles: From early proposals to phylogenetic approaches and comparisons with non-creolesCreolesAymeric Daval-Markussen and Peter Bakkerreview
2017Complementing creole studies with phylogeneticsCreolesEeva M. Sippolareview
2017Computational analysis of Gondi dialectsDravidianTaraka Rama et al. phylogenetic methodological
2017NP recursion over time: Evidence from Indo-EuropeanIndo-EuropeanManuel Widmer et al. trait
2017Methods: On the use of networks in the study of language contactCreolesPeter Bakker et al. tutorial
2017Similarities and differences among Iberian creolesCreolesEeva M. Sippoladelta
2016A combined comparative and phylogenetic analysis of the Chapacuran language familyChapacuranJoshua Birchall et al. phylogenetic dating delta qresidual
2016Using hybridization networks to retrace the evolution of Indo-European languagesIndo-EuropeanMatthieu Willems et al. phylogenetic
2016Ancestral state reconstruction and loanword detectionIndo-EuropeanMarisa Köllner and Johannes Dellerttrait asr
2016Ancestry sampling for Indo-European phylogeny and datesIndo-EuropeanTaraka Ramaphylogenetic
2016A test of coding procedures for lexical data with Tup i-Guaran i and Chapacuran languagesChapacuran, Tupi-GuaraniNatalia Chousou-Polydouri et al. methodological
2016Applying Population Genetic Approaches within LanguagesFinnishKaj Syrjänen et al. structure phylogenetic
2016The typology and diachrony of higher numerals in Indo-European: a phylogenetic comparative studyIndo-EuropeanAndreea S. Calude and Annemarie Verkerktrait
2016Estimating rates of lexical replacement on phylogenetic trees of languagesBantu, Indo-EuropeanMark Pagel and Andrew Meadetrait
2016A Phylogenetic Analysis of Stable Structural Features in West African LanguagesWest AfricaKristoffer Friis Bøegh et al. phylogenetic
2016A Phylogenetic Comparative Study of Bantu Kinship Terminology Finds Limited Support for Its Co-Evolution with Social OrganisationBantuMyrtille Guillon and Ruth Macetrait
2016Investigating the potential of ancestral state reconstruction algorithms in historical linguisticsGerhard Jäger and Johann-Mattis Listtrait asr
2016Phylogenetic approach to the evolution of color term systemsPama-NyunganHannah J. Haynie and Claire Bowerntrait
2016Darwinian perspectives on the evolution of human languagesglobalMark Pagelreview
2016Cultural and Environmental Predictors of Pre-European Deforestation on Pacific IslandsAustronesianQuentin D. Atkinson et al. trait
2015Towards a Formal Genealogical Classification of the Lezgian Languages (North Caucasus): Testing Various Phylogenetic Methods on Lexical DataLezgianAlexei S. Kassianphylogenetic An online database of New Guinea languagesHuon PeninsulaSimon J. Greenhillphylogenetic qresidual
2015Introducing a state-of-the-art phylogenetic classification of the Kikongo Language ClusterBantuGilles-Maurice de Schryver et al. phylogenetic
2015Across language families: Genome diversity mirrors linguistic variation within EuropeIndo-EuropeanGiuseppe Longobardi et al. phylogenetic
2015Bantu expansion shows that habitat alters the route and pace of human dispersalsBantuRebecca Grollemund et al. phylogenetic dating phylogeography
2015Improved computational models of sound change shed light on the history of the Tukanoan languagesTucanoanThiago Costa Chacon and Johann-Mattis Listphylogenetic
2015A Sketch of Language History in the Korean PeninsulaKoreanicSean Leedating phylogenetic structure phylogeography
2015Detecting Regular Sound Changes in Linguistics as Events of Concerted EvolutionTurkicDaniel J. Hruschka et al. phylogenetic dating
2015A comparison of verbal person marking across Tupian languagesTupianJoshua Birchalltrait
2015Genealogical relations and lexical distances within the Tupian linguistic familyTupianAna Vilacy Galucio et al. phylogenetic delta
2015Quantifying uncertainty in the phylogenetics of Australian numeral systemsPama-NyunganKevin Zhou and Claire Bowerntrait
2015Evolution and Language: Phylogenetic AnalysesSimon J. Greenhillreview
2015A Bayesian Phylogenetic Classification of Tupi-GuaraniTupi-GuaraniLev Michael et al. phylogenetic
2015Ancestry-constrained phylogenetic analysis supports the Indo-European steppe hypothesisIndo-EuropeanWill Chang et al. phylogenetic dating
2015Borrowing, Character Weighting, and Preliminary Cluster Analysis in a Phylogenetic Analysis of the Ancient Greek DialectsIndo-EuropeanChristina Michelle Skeltonphylogenetic
2014Tracing the roots of syntax with Bayesian phylogeneticsglobalLuke Maurits and Thomas L. Griffithsasr
2014Behind Family Trees: Secondary Connections in Uralic Language NetworksUralicJyri Lehtinen et al. phylogenetic delta
2014Historical linguistics as a sequence optimization problem: the evolution and biogeography of Uto-Aztecan languagesUto-AztecanWard C. Wheeler and Peter M. Whiteleyphylogenetic
2014Diachronic change in Indo-European motion event encodingIndo-EuropeanAnnemarie Verkerkasr trait
2014Prehistory by Bayesian phylogenetics? The state of the art on Indo-European originsIndo-EuropeanPaul Heggartyreview
2014Oceanic barriers promote language diversification in the Japanese IslandsJaponicSean Lee and Toshikazu Hasegawaphylogenetic delta qresidual macroevolutionary
2014Phylogenetic reconstruction of Bantu kinship challenges Main Sequence Theory of human social evolutionBantuChristopher Opie et al. trait
2014Linguistic phylogenies support back-migration from Beringia to Asia.Dene-YeniseianMark A. Sicoli and Gary Holtonphylogenetic delta qresidual
2014Language phylogeniesMichael Dunnreview
2013Cultural phylogeography of the Bantu Languages of sub-Saharan AfricaBantuThomas E. Currie et al. phylogenetic phylogeography
2013First steps towards a typological profile of creolesCreolesAymeric Daval-Markussenphylogenetic
2013The Phylogenetic Status of Pacific Coast Athabaskan: A Computational AssessmentAthabaskanJustin Spencephylogenetic
2013A lexicostatistical study of the Khasian languages: Khasi, Pnar, Lyngngam, and WarAustroasiaticK. S. Nagaraja et al. phylogenetic dating
2013Evolution of the Ainu Language in Space and TimeAinuSean Lee and Toshikazu Hasegawaphylogenetic dating phylogeography delta qresidual
2013Time and Place in the Prehistory of the Aslian LanguagesAslian, AustronesianMichael Dunn et al. phylogenetic dating phylogeography
2013Trees, thickets, or something in between? Recent theoretical and empirical work in cultural phylogenyglobalMichael J. O'Brien et al. review
2013The Encoding of Manner Predications and Resultatives in Oceanic: A Typological and Historical OverviewAustronesianAnnemarie Verkerk and Benedicte Haraldstad Frostadtrait
2013Shedding More Light on Language Classification Using Basic Vocabularies and Phylogenetic Methods: A Case Study of UralicUralicKaj Syrjänen et al. phylogenetic
2013An experimental study comparing linguistic phylogenetic reconstruction methodsglobalFrançois Barbançon et al. methodological
2013Phylogenetic Models of Language Change: Three New QuestionsRussell D. Gray et al. review
2013Cultural and climatic changes shape the evolutionary history of the Uralic languages.UralicTerhi Honkola et al. phylogenetic dating macroevolutionary
2013Ultraconserved words point to deep language ancestry across EurasiaAltaic, Turkic, Mongolic, Tungusic, Koreanic, Japonic, Chukchee-Kamchatkan, Dravidian, Inuit-Yupik, Indo-European, Kartvelian, UralicMark Pagel et al. phylogenetic dating
2013Toward a syntactic phylogeny of modern Indo-European languagesIndo-EuropeanGiuseppe Longobardi et al. phylogenetic
2013Mapping the Origins and Expansion of the Indo-European Language Family (Correction)Indo-EuropeanRemco Bouckaert et al. phylogenetic dating
2012Abstract Profiles of Structural Stability Point to Universal Tendencies, Family-Specific Factors, and Ancient Connections between LanguagesglobalDan Dediu and Stephen C. Levinsontrait
2012Basic vocabulary and Bayesian phylolinguistics: Issues of understanding and representationAustronesianSimon J. Greenhill and Russell D. Grayreview
2012The riddle of Tasmanian languagesTasmania, AustraliaClaire Bowernphylogenetic dating
2012Bringing together linguistic and genetic evidence to test the Bantu expansionBantuCesare de Filippo et al. phylogenetic
2012Mapping the Origins and Expansion of the Indo-European Language FamilyIndo-EuropeanRemco Bouckaert et al. phylogenetic dating phylogeography
2012Internal Classification of the Alor-Pantar Language Family Using Computational Methods Applied to the LexiconTimor-Alor-PantarLaura C. Robinson and Gary Holtonphylogenetic delta
2012Computational phylogenetics and the internal structure of Pama-NyunganPama-NyunganClaire Bowern and Quentin D. Atkinsonphylogenetic
2012Cultural Phylogenetics of the Tupi Language Family in Lowland South AmericaTupiRobert S. Walker et al. phylogenetic phylogeography trait
2011On the Accuracy of Language TreesglobalSimone Pompei et al. methodological phylogenetic
2011Language evolution and human history: what a difference a date makesRussell D. Gray et al. review
2011Correlates of Reticulation in Linguistic PhylogeniesglobalEric W. Holman et al. macroevolutionary delta qresidual
2011Bayesian phylogeography of the Arawak expansion in lowland South AmericaArawakanRobert S. Walker and Lincoln A. Ribeirophylogenetic phylogeography
2011Networks uncover hidden lexical borrowing in Indo-European language evolutionIndo-EuropeanShijulal Nelson-Sathi et al. macroevolutionary
2011Creoles Are Typologically Distinct from Non-CreolesCreole languagesPeter Bakker et al. phylogenetic
2011Reconstructing the History of Residence Strategies in Indo-European{ extemdash}Speaking Societies: Neo-, Uxori-, and VirilocalityIndo-EuropeanLaura Fortunatotrait
2011A Bayesian phylogenetic approach to estimating the stability of linguistic features and the genetic biasing of toneglobalDan Dediutrait
2011A Phylogenetic Analysis of the Evolution of Austronesian Sibling TerminologiesAustronesianFiona M. Jordantrait asr
2011Bayesian phylogenetic analysis supports an agricultural origin of Japonic languages.JaponicSean Lee and Toshikazu Hasegawaphylogenetic dating
2011Evolved structure of language shows lineage-specific trends in word-order universalsAustronesian, Bantu, Indo-European, Uto-AztecanMichael Dunn et al. macroevolutionary
2011Reconstructing the History of Marriage Strategies in Indo-European-Speaking Societies: Monogamy and PolygynyIndo-EuropeanLaura Fortunatotrait
2011Aslian linguistic prehistoryAslian, AustroasiaticMichael Dunn et al. phylogenetic
2010The shape and tempo of language evolutionglobal, Austronesian, Indo-EuropeanSimon J. Greenhill et al. trait phylogenetic
2010Historical Linguistics in Australia: Trees, Networks and Their Implications.KarnicClaire Bowernphylogenetic
2010Rise and fall of political complexity in island South-East Asia and the PacificAustronesianThomas E. Currie et al. trait
2010Social complexity and linguistic diversity in the Austronesian and Bantu population expansionsAustronesian, BantuRobert S. Walker and Marcus J. Hamiltontrait
2010How Accurate and Robust Are the Phylogenetic Estimates of Austronesian Language Relationships?AustronesianSimon J. Greenhill et al. phylogenetic dating
2010On the shape and fabric of human historyAustronesian, Indo-EuropeanRussell D. Gray et al. delta qresidual phylogenetic
2010Your place or mine? A phylogenetic comparative analysis of marital residence in Indo-European and Austronesian societiesIndo-European, AustronesianLaura Fortunato and Fiona M. Jordantrait asr
2010Phonetic comparison, varieties, and networks: Swadesh's influence lives on here tooJennifer Sullivan and April McMahonphylogenetic
2010Splits or waves? Trees or webs? How divergence measures and network analysis can unravel language historiesIndo-EuropeanPaul Heggarty et al. phylogenetic
2010Beyond lexicostatisticsAymara, QuechuaPaul Heggartyreview phylogenetic
2009Austronesian language phylogenies: Myths and misconceptions about Bayesian computational methodsAustronesianSimon J. Greenhill and Russell D. Grayphylogenetic dating
2009Human language as a culturally transmitted replicatorMark Pagelreview
2009Darwin, language, and two great Pacific voyagesAustronesianSimon J. Greenhill and Russell D. Grayreview
2009Explaining the Linguistic Diversity of Sahul Using Population ModelsTrans-New Guinea, Pama-Nyungan, Austronesian, Andamanese, Timor-Alor-Pantar, OtherGer Reesink et al. structure
2009Evidence for syntax as a signal of historical relatednessEuropeGiuseppe Longobardi and Cristina Guardianophylogenetic
2009Language Phylogenies Reveal Expansion Pulses and Pauses in Pacific Settlement.AustronesianRussell D. Gray et al. phylogenetic dating
2009Using WALS and Jazyki miraglobalVladimir N. Polyakov et al. phylogenetic
2009Does horizontal transmission invalidate cultural phylogenies?globalSimon J. Greenhill et al. methodological
2009Contact and Phylogeny in Island MelanesiaIsland MelanesiaMichael Dunnphylogenetic
2009Bayesian phylogenetic analysis of Semitic languages identifies an Early Bronze Age origin of Semitic in the Near EastSemiticAndrew Kitchen et al. phylogenetic dating
2009Matrilocal residence is ancestral in Austronesian societiesAustronesianFiona M. Jordan et al. trait
2009(Un)classifying Shabo: phylogenetic methods and resultsNilo-SaharanTyler Schnoebelenphylogenetic
2008Dated Ancestral Trees from Binary Trait Data and Their Application to the Diversification of LanguagesIndo-EuropeanGeoff K. Nicholls and Russell D. Grayphylogenetic dating
2008Tutorial on Computational Linguistic PhylogenyJohanna Nichols and Tandy Warnowreview
2008Genetics, Historical Linguistics and Language VariationApril McMahon and Robert McMahonreview
2008Languages Evolve in Punctuational BurstsAustronesian, Bantu, Indo-EuropeanQuentin D. Atkinson et al. macroevolutionary
2007Testing cladistics on dialect networks and phyla (gallo-romance and southern italo-romance).Oïl Varieties, Southern Italo-RomanceAntonella Gaillard-Corvaglia et al. phylogenetic
2007Frequency of word-use predicts rates of lexical evolution throughout Indo-European historyIndo-EuropeanMark Pagel et al. trait
2007The Pleasures and Perils of Darwinizing Culture (with phylogenies)Russell D. Gray et al. review
2006Evolution of English basic vocabulary within the network of Germanic languagesIndo-EuropeanPeter Forster et al. phylogenetic
2006A stochastic model of language evolution that incorporates homoplasy and borrowing.Indo-EuropeanTandy Warnow et al. methodological
2006How old is the Indo-European language family? Illumination or more moths to the flame?Indo-EuropeanQuentin D. Atkinson and Russell D. Grayreview
2006From Species to Languages: a phylogenetic approach to human prehistoryMayanQuentin D. Atkinsonphylogenetic dating trait
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